It is time to rise above the rhetoric and ensure that candidates and elected officials understand from the “ground level” the importance of programs that sustain local communities and their connection to the nation.
Based upon real data, the effect of environmental degradation on urban communities is far reaching – negatively impacting food access, public health, environmental advancement, and economic mobility. In Washington, DC and Los Angeles CA, Broccoli City is working with non profit organizations like the Green Scheme, Inc. promoting year-round programs such as "Healthy Hoods" which focus on sustaining community health through urban farming, health education, increasing food access and eliminating food deserts.

Since last year's Broccoli City Festival we have been working alongside The Green Scheme on the Code Green program which works on building community health and wealth in Lincoln Heights and in Ward 7, one of DC's most impacted communities.  

Code Green is a weekly program designed to develop a healthier lifestyle by engaging families and youth in weekly, structured hands-on workshops based around strategies on living healthier. We work with families and youth on developing consciousness about food as a source of nutrition rather than just something we do whenever we are hungry; prepare healthy, affordable meals and snacks that can be prepared relatively quickly; offer workforce development training; lessons on social entrepreneurship, maintain community herb and vegetable gardens, and more. 


Los Angeles:

In Los Angeles we are also working with the Office of Sustainability, The Social Justice Learning Center of Inglewood, the South LA Food Co-op, and other non-profits highlighting their programs.