Taste of BC

Broccoli City Festival Food Vendor Application

May 6th. Washington, DC.

Broccoli City's F&B program will be housed within the Market Village section of the festival and will consist of chefs, food-makers, restaurants and farmers who are creating delicious and healthful menus that are reflective of the season, demographic, and mission of Broccoli City Festival.

We welcome applications from anyone who fits this description – even if you don’t have a brick and mortar!

The Market Village will also feature an array of artisans, educators, designers and makers who share our mission of building a better community.

Please fill out the informational form below to apply to be a part of the Broccoli City 2017 F&B line up. Make sure to have business, photos, and menu information ready to fill out the below form as you will not be able to save your work and come back to it.

Please note that you will need to have $1M in GL insurance, $500K in Auto Insurance and $500K in Workers Comp Insurance. You must also obtain a health permit for the event.

All participating vendors will be required to accept credit cards at the event.

If you are accepted to the event you will be sent another form asking for more detailed information.

*Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

If you have any questions please contact vendors@broccolicity.com
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  • Food, Booth and Logo Images

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  • Menu Information

    Please list your menu items in detail below, along with appropriate information regarding dietary specificity. Also note that you will want to factor your commission and sales tax when determining your item pricing.
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  • Please note, there is very limited room for food trucks at this event.

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